reacha - your outdoor bike trailer for surfboards, SUPs, or shopping. Also available as DIY version!

"reacha is more than just a bicycle trailer. It is a modular system, made of high quality materials, manufactured in Bavaria. A trailer for many uses, whether outdoor enthusiasts, SUP riders or families."

-Florian Zibert, CEO good goods Tegernsee GmbH


When our CEO Floko assembled the first prototype of the reacha in 2015 from an old windsurfing fork, a few bicycle tires from the recycling yard, some squared lumber and a good portion of creativity, we would never have dreamed of the possibilities this innovative bicycle trailer would offer in the future.

"The reacha was our answer to the question on how to transport equipment by bike in a climate-neutral manner."

Since then, we have continued to develop our reacha. The basic idea of reacha is quite simple: Modular, sustainable, customizable to your needs. Our customers are as diverse as our various models. The reacha is suitable for anyone who wants to bring equipment from one place to another, 100% climate neutral; both on foot and on bike.
First reacha prototype

Bike trailer for SUP riders

Take your SUP out after work and quickly head to the lake? For stand-up paddling enthusiasts, this is not a question of desire, but rather of logistics. reacha has at least three trailers available, with which you can take your SUP to the nearest lake by hand or bicycle at any time. A closer look at the models reveals the differences: not so much in the price, but more in the application.

For transporting a SUP, the reacha is definitely the perfect companion! No one wants to inflate his/her SUP when arriving at the lake. The reacha models with the long draw bar can transport StandUp Paddleboards with a length of up to four meters or 14'. However, for a trip to the lake with everything you need, the reacha SPORT is the best choice. Depending on the terrain, the reacha SPORT comes with agile 24" street tires, 20" compact tires or 20" fatbike tires. The reacha SPORT also fits more than one SUP, in case you don't want to go to the lake alone. With the reacha SPORT you can really transport EVERYTHING to the lake without compromising.
The reacha SPORT frame is also available as a DIY version. The frame is delivered to you with a long draw bar, you only have to take care of a set of tires. So if you have a few wheels up to 24" left, the reacha DIY version is the right alternative for you. At reacha we are passionate about climate protection, that's why we also offer the DIY variant to recycle old bike tires. Decide for yourself which reacha is the right one for you and an emission-free and climate-neutral trip to the lake will be a breeze.

What our customers say about reacha for SUP


Tried a lot - finally arrived!

Simply great! Tow 2 SUPs behind the bike to the lake, without having to assemble forever beforehand. Nothing grinds, nothing jerks, nothing slips.


Fahrradanhänger mit kleinem Packmaß

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Bike trailer for kayaks

A boat trailer for the bicycle? reacha has four hand or bike trailer kayak trailers in the range, which are ideal for outdoor sports enthusiasts who prefer to cycle emission-free to the nearest lake or river. Each model can transport a kayak up to 4 to 5 metres long. Depending on the distance - road or terrain - , the length of the tour (days, weeks) as well as personal preferences - e-bike, racing bike, etc. - the choice of the right bicycle trailer is different.

Basically, any reacha with the normal draw bar will be able to pull your kayak! But which models would our team recommend for transporting kayaks? That depends on your needs. Basically, our all-rounder, the reacha SPORT can pull boats up to 14' without any problems.
Depending on the terrain, you can also choose the right tires for it! If you already have a pair of spare tires at home, we recommend our sustainable reacha DIY version. The DIY version comes either with the frame of the reacha SPORT or with the 10cm wider frame of the reacha XXL, which can also handle kayaks up to 5 meters long! So old bike tires can be given another purpose, which is not only good for the environment, but also for your wallet, the reacha DIY version is our most affordable variant!
You have no old bicycle tires but a really long kayak? Then the reacha XXL is the reacha for you. 30 cm more length and 10 cm more width ensure that the XXL can pull fishing kayaks, canoes or even folding boats with more than 5m length without any problems.

What our customers say about the reacha for kayaks


Five stars

The assembly was a breeze. In no time coupled to my cargo bike, strapped the 3.17m long kayak on it and drove through the city traffic to the water: Easy!


Fahrradanhänger mit kleinem Packmaß

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Bicycle trailer for family, trips, shopping and more 

The reacha is ideal for small or large purchases in the city or for excursions into the countryside. So backpacks, tents, pavilions and (or) a Weber grill can be transported on this bike trailer with ease. It makes it the ideal companion for bicycle tours and family excursions - even on gravel roads.

reacha biketrailer for family and adventures
For a day with the family, the reacha CITY is the absolutely perfect companion: The short, maneuverable draw bar along with your bike forms the ideal combination to go on an adventure with the family. The short drawbar is also perfect for pulling the reacha behind you as a hand trailer. So you not only save CO2 by not using your car; you also save time, because nobody wants to walk twice!
A major part of the reacha DNA is environmental protection! We use mainly recycled resources and try to communicate that: That's why you can buy our reacha CITY also as a DIY version. The reacha DIY version comes to you as a frame without tires. Pretty much all common tire sets from 18" to 26" fit into the frame. Give old bike tires another chance and opt for the reacha DIY version. In the end, this will not only save the environment, but also your wallet!

What our customers say about reacha for family trips


Very great bike trailer...

On camping vacations for shopping and as a handcart on the beach for surfboards, etc. I also do my weekly grocery shopping with the reacha.


Fahrradanhänger mit kleinem Packmaß

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Bike trailer for surfboards, windsurfers and kitesurfers

Where do you usually find windsurfers, surfers and kiteboarders? On the beach! Parking possibilities are often in vain near the water. With the bike trailer reacha SPORT, we offer an emission-free alternative to bring surfboards, sails and other equipment directly to the water.

reacha bike trailer for surfboards and shortboards
The transport of larger equipment is no challenge for the reacha SPORT , thanks to the long draw bar it is designed to transport equipment up to a length of 14' or just over 4m. The extremely robust textile loading base of the various reacha models can easily handle weights of up to 60kg. With the matching neoprene covers for the tow bar you can also be sure that absolutely nothing will happen to your board on the way to the next surf spot! When choosing your reacha you can choose from three different tires, depending on the situation in which your reacha is used, but these can be swapped in an instant.
Especially for our professional customers, such as surf schools, we recommend the better specced reacha PRO. The PRO comes with 26" fatbike tires with stainless steel bearings. This allows several boards and equipment to be pulled to the water at once without any problems. A little treat: The powder-coated side walls of the reacha PRO are not only great for storing equipment vertically, but can also be printed on as advertising space!
You only want to transport your shortboard and don't want to pull a 4m long tandem ? Then we recommend the reacha CITY. With the short tow bar the CITY is our most handy model, but still big enough for everything shortboarders and kiters need! No matter which reacha you choose, you make an enormous contribution to climate protection and can leave the car behind for a day on the board!

What our customers say about reacha for surfers


Perfect surfing trailer

Great trailer for surfboards in combination with the bicycle, super easy to assemble, easily stowed in the camper and so the hassle to the shore is eliminated. Highly recommended.


Fahrradanhänger mit kleinem Packmaß

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Bike trailer for fishermen and boats

The bike trailers by reacha offer space for all fishing equipment: not only the fishing rod and a camping chair. For longer trips you also need water, provisions, weatherproof clothing and if you want to stay overnight, camping equipment. As all reacha bike trailers are adjustable in length and width, they offer plenty of space. And for fishermen and women who want to fish from a dinghy or kayak, a boat easily fits on the reacha.
Biketrailer for fishing and boats
For transporting fishing equipment for a relaxed trip to the lake, we recommend our all-rounder the reacha SPORT. With the reacha SPORT and its 20" fatbike tires, all equipment can be transported effortlessly even through rough terrain. Even a small inflatable boat can easily find space next to your general equipment, which you need for such a day.
If you are looking for something smaller and more agile, our reacha CITY is the perfect choice. The reacha CITY features a shorter drawbar, which makes the wheel-trailer combination more maneuverable. The reacha CITY can also be quickly pulled from one spot to the next as a compact hand trailer. In addition, the practical side stand of the reacha CITY also allows the trailer to be parked next to you and used as a storage space for your cooler or fishing gear.
Both reachas are in any case the perfect companion for an emission-free day at the lake. If you need to carry more than just a small inflatable boat, the reacha XXL is the candidate of your choice! With its 10cm wider and 30cm longer frame, this trailer can handle even the largest fishing kayaks without any problems. Whether used as a hand trailer or a bike trailer, the reacha XL should be able to pull all your gear. Through our innovative product design, the reacha is assembled in just a few minutes and can also be taken on the boat, if some distance should be covered with the boat.

What our customers say about reacha for fishing


Perfect for kayak fishing

In addition to the high quality features, the versatility of the reacha is ingenious. No matter whether I want to quickly go to the water with the SUP or start an adventure with the fishing kayak.

Dennis Kieselhorst

Fahrradanhänger mit kleinem Packmaß

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Bike trailer for camping 

The reacha is particularly suitable as a camping accessory for windsurfers, kiteboarders, as well as for transporting kayaks or SUP. From the caravan or tent to the water is not a big challenge on foot depending on the size of the campsite. But especially surfers or SUP riders will know the problem: to drag the board over the whole campsite to the water is exhausting, annoying and costs time. The reacha can help here as a smooth-running camping bike trailer:

reacha biketrailer for camping
For general camping equipment, the reacha CITY shines with the short drawbar as a camping accessory. The bike trailer can be attached to almost any bike. So you can be on the road with the bike on the campsite and beyond. Or you decide to use the reacha CITY as hand-trailer. Like a trolley you can load your reacha and move around the campsite completely freely
You want to travel sustainably? Take a look at the reacha DIY version. The cargo trailer to build yourself is delivered to your home as a blank without tires. If you still have old bicycle tires, you can give these a second chance and upcycle them. The reacha DIY version is available either with short, long drawbar or WEBER drawbar. Depending on the requirements for which you need the reacha!

What our customers say


City goes Offroad

I use my reacha City as a trailer for my bicycle and as a handcart when jogging. Both works great - even offroad, heavily loaded and uphill!


Fahrradanhänger mit kleinem Packmaß

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DIY bike trailers

Many StandUp paddlers and surfers know the problem: Going to your favorite spot by car is often connected with many hurdles. The SUP or board must be loaded somehow. You can't find a parking space on the spot. You still have to drag the board all the way to the water. A hand trailer or bike trailer often helps. And transporting the SUP with a bike trailer is also sustainable! Who chooses a bike trailer often comes to the decision to build one yourself or buy a new one.

Who wants to build a bike trailer yourself should pay particular attention to a variant of the reacha bike trailers. The reacha DIY version arrives at your home as a do-it-yourself project that allows you to reuse old bicycle tires. So you can build your own bike trailer yourself. If you want more DIY bike trailers you can check out our article on the best DIY bike trailers to build yourself. We show you alternative ideas and ways to build your own bike trailer for SUP. Surfboards or shopping
The reacha DIY version is currently available in different variants to build yourself, either with long SPORT drawbar, short CITY drawbar, with the WEBER drawbar or in the gigantic XXL variant. Which bike trailer is right for you, we can not tell. If you are unsure, take a look at the video of our founder Floko, talking about the individual reacha models.

What our customers say


A universal genius

Actually I wanted to buy a cargo bike and build the bike trailer myself. Thank God I listened to my wife and bought the reacha DIY + short drawbar. An absolute universal genius.


Fahrradanhänger mit kleinem Packmaß

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Bicycle trailer for e-bikes

In times of increased gasoline prices and sustainable thinking, more people are switching to an e-bike as an alternative means of transportation. The problem: Where to put all the stuff that normally goes in the trunk? Yet you don't have to go without storage space on an e-bike. A bicycle trailer can help. Especially newcomers to the e-bike scene have a few questions: What should be considered when driving a trailer with an electric bike? What types of bike trailers are there? Can you hitch any bike trailer to any e-bike? What should you watch out for when riding with an e-bike and trailer? What legal aspects must be considered when driving a bicycle trailer with an e-bike?

reacha-fahrradanhaenger-ebike E-Bike
A bicycle trailer like the reacha CITY makes a good team together with your e-bike. Whether to your e-trekking bike or to your e-cargo bike. With the reacha you can go anywhere! Wondering if a reacha bike trailer fits your e-bike? Take a look at the article, there we present different possibilities how the reacha can be mounted over a battery luggage carrier. You will also find legal information about the combination of e-bike and bike trailer.
With the long City Bike Connector the reacha can be connected to almost any e-bike. For a trip to the city we recommend the reacha CITY. For everything that goes beyond that, you can take a look at our allrounder, the reacha SPORT. So you can also pull SUPs, kayaks or your complete windsurfing equipment with your e-bike without any problems!

What our customers say


Great tandem !

With the reacha on the e-bike, it is easy to drive to the lake and carry the complete windsurfing and / or SUP equipment. Since I have the reacha SPORT, the car often stays in the garage. It's just fun to cycle to the spot. Great tandem !


E-bike with reacha SPORT bike trailer

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